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The aims of Customer Services Group UK (CSGUK) are to:

  • Discuss and share knowledge of new developments in customer service generally, and within Libraries more specifically​.

  • Share knowledge and techniques used around measures already implemented in HE libraries.

  • Discuss and develop methods for improving customer service, especially where there is potential for active collaborative working.



CSGUK was formed in April 2012, although it was originally called the 'M25 Customer Services Group' because it was affiliated with the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries (a group representing member Libraries across the South East). In the summer of 2014 the group was renamed CSGUK and it became independent and national. The group aligned with the M25 Consortium because they shared the aim of collaborating within academic Libraries to improve services. While CSGUK still shares this aim with the M25 Consortium it now works with Libraries across the UK.

Steering group


CSGUK is not a formal membership organisation but a group supporting professional development, collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst colleagues providing customer services within Libraries. However, it does have a formal structure for delivering its resources, news and events. There is a steering group and two task groups.

Steering group membership


Chair and acting Treasurer: Nuala McLaren, Goldsmiths, University of London

Vice Chair and Treasurer: Billi-Anne Waterfall, University of Southampton

Secretary: Julian Roland, University of West London


Chair, Research and Resources task group: Derek Mackenzie, City, University of London

Chair, Events task group: Rachel Heastie, Royal Holloway, University of London

Steering group aims


The steering group exists in order to support CSGUK's aims by:


  • Setting the vision and guiding the strategy of CSGUK

  • Identifying opportunities for communicating and collaborating across the sector

  • Overseeing the work of the task groups

  • Ensuring the task groups support each other and that their remits do not overlap.


See the task groups pages for details of the task group remits and membership.


Terms of reference


CSGUK has a terms of reference which sets out its operating principles

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