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Terms of reference




The aims of CSGUK are to:


  • Discuss and share knowledge of new developments in customer service generally, and within Libraries more specifically​

  • Share knowledge and techniques used around measures already implemented in HE libraries

  • Discuss and develop methods for improving customer service, especially where there is potential for active collaborative working.

Aims of steering group
  • Setting the vision and guiding the strategy of CSGUK

  • Identifying opportunities for communicating and collaborating across the sector

  • Overseeing the work of the task groups

  • Ensuring the task groups support each other and that their remits do not overlap.


The CSGUK steering group meets four times per year.


Task groups are expected to meet three times per year. There may be other informal and online meetings planned by individual task group members.

Annual Planning

The steering group and the task groups will come together annually for a planning session when an operational plan for the year ahead will be compiled. This will involve discussing ideas for workstreams, prioritising them and assigning owners and deadlines.

Group membership


Joining a task group


The process for joining a task group is simply to read the job description, determine the time comittment is acceptable and then email the relevant task group chair a short paragraph with reasons for wishing to join. There is no set time period for which members can sit on a group but members are encouraged to only stay on the group while they are able to contribute. Please see the task group pages for further information.


Joining the steering group


If there are vacancies on the steering group the vacancy will be advertised and applications sought. The vacancy will be advertised via an email to all contacts, information on our website and via our twitter feed. There is no set time period for sitting on the steering group but members are encouraged to only stay on the group while they are able to contribute.



CSGUK is not a membership organisation and charges no fees for using its resources. There is a small charge associated with attendance at events and any surplus will be used for the group's running costs.


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