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Value and Impact


Group Aims


The Value and Impact group are responsible for:

  • Providing guidance and support to help evaluate customer services and measure their impact.

  • Conducting polls and surveys on popular or ‘hot’ themes to help the CSGUK community gain a picture of current areas of customer service excellence within the UK academic library sector.

  • Providing opportunities  for people to come together to discuss ‘value and impact’ within the CSGUK community.  

  • Supporting the use of benchmarking and feedback as a means of improving customer service.



Group Members

The Value and Impact Group are:

  • Elisabeth Hannon (chair), King's College London

  • Leslie-Ann Campbell, University of London

  • David Crossinggum, King's College London

  • Rachel Nelligan, University College London

  • Sean Goddard, University of Sussex

  • Susan Renshaw, University of Winchester

  • Elaine Salter, University of Westminster

  • Clare West, University of Surrey

Contact the group chair, Elisabeth Hannon, if you would like more information

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