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CSGUK Workshop 2015

Succeeding in Difficult Situations -

CSGUK workshop - 26th March 2015

On 26th March 2015, working with our colleagues at React (recently featured at the CSGUK annual conference), CSGUK was delighted to host a practical, energetic and fun workshop designed to equip participants with the skills to succeed in difficult customer situations. The workshop focused on body language, active listening and empathetic responses using React’s highly engaging forum theatre examples - where participants have the opportunity to observe the trainers act out a customer interaction, and to make comments and suggestions. The aim was to increase participant knowledge, awareness and confidence.

Workshop objectives:

  • Create opportunities for participants to practice and discuss customer service scenarios

  • Identify best practices for dealing with difficult customer situations

  • Equip staff to deal with customers in a polite, empathetic, compassionate and nonconfrontational way, and enhance the image of their services

  • Identify and practice quick ways to build rapport

  • Introduce and practice techniques for dealing with difficult customers. 

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