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“What questions would you ask of this data”?


By following the links below you will find some data that we have compiled from your contributions to the benchmarking repository.


We have produced some tables and graphs that illustrate the major patterns and differences between our institutions – all of the information has been anonymised so please use it freely to compare yourself to selected areas.


We get lots of specific requests asking us to rank their institutions performance against ‘similar’ institutions or wondering if we could give them an idea as to how they were doing in one particular area compared to ‘competitors’.


We cannot of course answer these questions easily as we do not know what it is - or indeed who - you wish to measure yourself against. The essence of benchmarking is to understand your service’s aims and objectives and what it is you are trying to achieve. Only by understanding this can you draw conclusions as to how you are doing based on your own service standards, KPIs or decisions as to where to concentrate your resources, versus the choices and ‘results’ of other institutions who you might decide to compare yourself against.

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