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Awards and Standards


Applying for an external award or standard is just one way we can measure the quality of the services we deliver to our customers.





There are three main external awards/standards available in the UK, which can be used to measure quality against recognised and agreed standard, they are: Customer Service Excellence (CSE); Customer First and ServiceMark from the Institute of Customer Service (ISC).







Customer Service Excellence (CSE) - CSE was developed by the Government to offer service providers a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within their organisation. Previously known at the CharterMark, CSE looks at five key areas within customer service excellence: customer insight; culture of the organisation; information & access; delivery; timeliness & quality of service. 







Customer First - Customer First aims to raise the quality of service delivery to customers by “Putting the Customer First”. It focuses on building outstanding customer service cultures and delivery methods by looking at your customers interface with, and experience of your organisation.  There are three keys areas or milestone to the Customer First award: building customer relationships, maximising market awareness and developing your people.  Customer First has been achieved by both public and private sectors nationwide organisations.








ServiceMark - Institute of Customer Service (ISC): ServiceMark is accredited by the Institute of Customer Service (ISC), an independent professional body for Customer Service with the aim to lead customer service performance and professionalism. The ServiceMark helps organisations understand how effective their customer service strategy is and identifies areas for improvement.







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