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CSGUK Annual Conference 2016

Equipping customer services staff to provide accessible and inclusive services.

CSGUK Annual Conference - 28th November 2016

Woburn House, Tavistock Square, Kings Cross, London






CSGUK's fourth annual conference focused how we equip customer services teams to provide accessible and inclusive services.  How can we step up to the challenge of ever increasing demands to provide accessible and inclusive services to all in a diverse university community?

We warmly welcomed over 100 delegates to our conference at Woburn House in Tavistock Square.

The day provided excellent opportunity to explore ideas with a range of speakers from varied backgrounds. Our keynote speaker was Chris Brill, Senior Policy Adviser from the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU). The ECU work to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in Higher Education across the UK. Chris' talk set the strategic context for the day.

Following our keynote speaker a session on Accessibility and Inclusivity in Practice brought together a collection of examples of good practice from speakers from Leeds Beckett, Bristol, Huddersfield and Leicester universities. These engaging talks looked how they meet how they have met the needs of diverse user groups including transgender, international and students with disabilities. 

After lunchtime networking, delegates had the opportunity to engage in practical sessions on enabling equal opportunities for students to learn and explore an innovative approach to segmentation looking at new ways of identifying student groups.

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