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CSGUK Annual Conference 2016 - Save the Date and Call for Speakers

Plans are well underway for this year’s CSGUK annual conference. This key event in the calendar is now in its fourth year and is always a sell-out occasion, so please do reserve the date in your diary. This year the conference is being hosted at Woburn House, a great central location close to Euston and King’s Cross rail stations.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Equipping Customer Services staff to provide accessible and inclusive customer service’.

Libraries pride themselves on inclusive values, but are we meeting the challenges of equipping our Customer Services staff to understand needs as well as provide services and interactions that genuinely meet the individual requirements of increasingly diverse customers? Are we able to reach all of our customers in order to engage them in developing services appropriate to their circumstances? Do we work successfully with partners in the university to break down barriers to accessible and inclusive service provision?

**Call for speakers**

We already have some exciting speakers lined up, and are now seeking further contributions:

  • Has your Library Service successfully provided any accessible or inclusive services?

  • Have you trained customer services staff in providing these services?

  • Have you raised awareness of dealing sensitively with a range of different needs?

  • Has being trained or discussing customer needs helped you personally to provide a better service?

  • Have you engaged with customer groups about their requirements?

  • Have you worked successfully with any partners in the university to provide more accessible and inclusive services?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for people able to speak solo or as part of a duo or group. Slots will include:

  • In-depth presentations for 30-60 mins; some of which will incorporate ‘Lightning Strikes’ for immediate round table follow up discussion

  • Speed speakers (2-10 mins)

  • Sessions focusing on gaining a practical understanding of techniques

All of your ideas are welcome as we seek to deliver another interesting and innovative conference. If you are interested in speaking please contact our Events Group Chair Helen Loughran at: by 19th July 2016.

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