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Gathering user feedback - National Libraries Day activity

The University of Roehampton Library is pro-active in encouraging its users to give feedback about Library resources and services to help drive improvements and better their Library experience. Feedback is usually collected in a variety of ways via Virtual librarian live-instant chat, online feedback form, comment cards, email, feedback boards, in person, via the phone, focus groups and social media.

In the build-up to National Libraries Day the Library in 2015 they decided to run a fun exercise to engage with users about their view of libraries, in particular at Roehampton. Simple feedback slips where designed with a smiley and sad face which users could use in response to ‘Please tell us your thoughts about the University of Roehampton Library’. In addition feedback slip asked the question, ‘Please tell us what you’d really like to see more of in your University Library’.

Library teams where timetabled for slots across lunchtimes to engage with users and encourage people participate in the feedback activity.

Find this new case study on our Informal Feedback Methods page.

#CaseStudy #Feedback #NationalLibrariesDay

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